4 Places To Buy Crickets, Mealworms And Other Live Food Online In The UK

If you keep exotic pets then there’s a good chance you’re going to need a reliable, cost-effective supply of live food in order to feed your lizards, freefrogs, mantids, tarantulas and so on. Certainly many pet shops sell live food like crickets and mealworms but there are a number of downsides to buying your livefood from the pet shop.

Firstly many reptile shops only receive deliveries of live food once a week and so the tubs of insects you see for sale have often sat on a shelf for days on end with the bare minimum of care. Without the proper care many of the insects within the tubs will be dead which can make buying just such a tub bad value for money.

Reptile shops also frequently sell out of the most popular forms of live food so you can get a nasty surprise when you turn up to find they’ve totally sold out of crickets or locusts and won’t be receiving another delivery for a few days.

Lastly going all the way to the pet shop to buy a tub of crickets can be just plain inconvenient.

Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy live food from a reptile shop, just that you need to be aware of the downsides. I still buy some livefood from my local pet store to help support them but I find that buying my live food over the internet is generally easier and more cost effective.

The reason is that the livefood suppliers listed below actually breed their own insects onsite. They are the exact same breeders who sell to the pet shops. Buying from them therefore means you’re cutting out the middle man and so you can pay less for your live insects. Furthermore as these come straight from the breeder the insects are typically far fresher so you get more for your money, they very rarely sell out of any particular insect and many offer same-day dispatch if you order early in the day.

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In short if you use a reasonable amount of live food each week then buying your feeder insects on the internet may be a very smart move indeed. But where can you go to actually get live food delivered to your door in the UK?


Livefoods Direct

Livefoods Direct offer a decent range of popular live insects from black crickets to brown crickets, mealworms, locusts and waxworms.

Unfortunately they don’t have quite as wide a range as some other suppliers so if you’re looking for something a little bit “unusual” you may be disappointed by Livefoods Direct.

However Livefoods Direct do also sell frozen snake foods which many other live food supplier don’t so you can do all your exotic pet food shopping in one place and they will post out your order via Royal Mail for free. Orders received before midday are sent out the same day so the service is quick.

Click here to visit Livefoods Direct.

Livefood UK

Livefoods is the supplier I have been using personally for some years with excellent results. They have a huge range of different insects including all the “usual suspects” as well as less commonly-sold feeder insects like fruit flies, giant mealworms and calci-worms.

Unlike Livefoods Direct you do pay for postage at Livefood UK but they also sell an impressive range of exotic pet supplies and I have ordered everything from substrates to thermostats from them over the years with great results. Like Livefoods Direct, Livefood UK offers same-day dispatch for orders placed before lunchtime.

Click here to visit Livefood UK.

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Monkfield Nutrition

Monkfield Nutrition offer a wide range of live insects which they breed themselves and all prices include standard delivery though their website makes no claims about the period of time that delivery should take which is a concern for me.

They also stock frozen foods and a range of exotic pet accessories.

Click here to visit Monkfield Nutrition.

Livefoods By Post

Livefoods By Post offer free delivery on any live insects though postage charges are applicable on non-livefood orders up to a value of £50. Interestingly while Livefoods By Post don’t seem to stock such a large range of insects as some suppliers like Livefood UK one thing they do offer which is unusual are cockroach cultures which can be a cost-effective way to feed larger, greedier carnivores where locusts can quickly get very expensive when fed in bulk.

Once again frozen foods and a range o exotic pet accessories are available.

Click here to visit Livefoods By Post.

So where do you buy your live food? Do you have experience of dealing with any of the companies above? If so, why not leave us a comment below to let us know your personal experiences…


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