About Me

Hi and welcome to Keeping Exotic Pets.

My name is Richard Adams and I have been keeping a range of exotic pets for about the last 15 years or so. From lizards to snake, tarantulas to preying mantids I have kept a lot of different species over the years and have a real passion for the hobby.

The purpose of this site is really to share information with like-minded individuals so that you can successfully keep whatever exotic pets really appeal to you. The more information you have the more successful you will be and the healthier your pets will be.

I’m also hoping to use this site as a source of networking so if you’re reading this now I really encourage you to make use of the comments box at the end of each article. Here you can leave your questions, opinions and experiences so we can all get to know one another better and learn from each other. Whilst this site is still reasonably new hopefully it will become an online community of passionate exotic pet keepers – no matter what your current level of experience may be.

At present I only have a small number of exotic pets thanks to living in a small home but I am planning to not only move but to significantly increase my collection over the next 12 months so I’m looking forward to introducing you to my newest additions.

At present I have a range of different tarantulas – greenbottle blues, Mexican red knees, Mexican flame knees, salmon pinks and so on. I also breed leaf insects (and at the time of writing have over 1,000 eggs waiting to hatch!) and have an adult male royal python.

My own hotlist for species I would like to keep includes day geckos, poison dart frogs and chameleons as whilst I have kept some of these in the past they’re species I’d love to get back into.

So in short welcome to the site and I hope you enjoy all the free articles I will be posting up on a regular basis. Please remember to get involved and leave your comments and please consider subscribing to this site so that you’re automatically kept up to date with the latest exotic pet-related news.