How Long Do Leaf Insect Eggs Take To Hatch?

As with many insects, the time that it takes for leaf insect eggs to hatch depends in a large way on the temperature that they are kept at. Generally speaking the warmer the eggs are kept, the sooner they will hatch because the tiny baby insects inside them will have been able to develop quicker.

Kept warm such as on a reptile heat mat it is normal for leaf insect eggs to take between 3 and 5 months to hatch. 4 months seems like a good average though some people have found that their eggs take far longer to hatch so don’t get despondent if you have been waiting a long time. Never give up on those eggs 🙂



  1. Hi I may have overlooked it, but I’m having a hard time trying to find info on what to do with the eggs of a true katydid.

    i found her on a brick wall outside on an unnseasonably cold day. I was just going to move her somewhere safer but it was obvious she wasnt doing well when i went to grab her and she fell (not far enough to cause injury) and then seemed wobbly and reluctant to even try to jump away soooo i brought her in and she’s doing much better. A few days after i took her in I noticed eggs on the wall of her cage and on some leaves of a branch I brought in for her. What do I need to do for these? Transfer them- leave them be-??? Proper temp/humidity level? Any info is greatly appreciated. Can provide pics if you think it would be helpful


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