July 2016 Reptile News Roundup

Throughout the month I share the latest reptile news stories and articles on my social media feeds. If you’re an exotic pet fanatic you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest to get all the latest news.

However, I’m well aware that the social media world moves on rapidly; yesterday’s tweet is qickly forgotten, and eclipsed by all the new updates being shared.

Therefore, each month I like to gather together all of the previous month’s top content and publish a list here on the blog. That way, if you’re not a social media fan, or you were busy and so missed a few stories, you can still get up to speed here on the Keeping Exotic Pets site.

Top News Posts

Once again I’m pleased to say that one of my own article snuck into the list of top articles, but there’s plenty more to learn here this month.

Below, then, are the top reptile stories from July, ranked in terms of the engagement that they got on my social media account. That is to say that the more shares, clicks or likes that a story gets, the higher up the list it falls. Hopefully this will enable you, dear reader, to quickly cut to the most interesting or exciting reptile posts in the last few weeks.

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See you next month for the next update 🙂


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