Leaf Insects

From the tropical forests of South East Asia, leaf insects have some of the best camouflage in the world…

Leaf insects are some of the most fascinating invertebrates to keep as pets.

Feeding on plant matter, leaf insects can mimic their surroundings so well as to be virtually invisible to the untrained eye.

Easy to keep and breed, while being docile enough to handle, leaf insects are one pet that everyone should try keeping at least once.

If you’re looking for tips and advice on caring for leaf insects as pets then read on…

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Introduction to Keeping Leaf Insects

If you're new to the world of keeping leaf insects then this is the place to start. It provides an overview of caring for leaf insects, before you dive more deeply into the other more detailed guides.


Leaf Insect Caging

Learn all about leaf insect cages, from the type of cage you'll need, to selecting the ideal size. Includes recommendations on specific cages for leaf insects.


How to Heat Leaf Insect Cages

Coming from tropical climates, leaf insects need a warm and humid environment. Here's exactly how to achieve that in captivity.


Feeding Leaf Insects

You probably don't have access to a tropical jungle, so what can you feed your pet leaf insects instead?


How Long Do Leaf Insects Live?

If you're planning to keep leaf insects then it's important to understand how long they'll live, and when they're ready for breeding.


How to Sex Leaf Insects

Boy or a girl? Find out how easy it is to sex your leaf insects and make sure you have a breeding pair here.


How to Breed Leaf Insects

Leaf insects can be expensive to buy, and don't live for long. To keep your colony going, find out to breed your leaf insects here.


What Do Leaf Insects Eggs Look Like?

Discover how to identify lead insect eggs when they get laid.


How Long Do Leaf Insect Eggs Take To Hatch?

You've got your leaf insect eggs - what next? Here's how to incubate your eggs and how long you'll have to wait until babies start to appear.


Rearing Baby Leaf Insects

Rearing baby leaf insects is challenging as they're much more fragile than adults. Follow these tips to successfully rear your babies to adulthood.