Mantis Cages

To the best of my knowledge, no specialist cages are made specifically for preying mantis but luckily there are a wide range of other options which are perfectly suitable for mantids.

Anything which offers suitable space, the ability to add some holes to allow air circulation and is see-through so you can enjoy your pet is really suitable.

For hatchlings, some breeders use plastic or foam coffee cups with some gauze or net curtain material held over the top with an elastic band. Small pill containers, jam jars, tupperware boxes and sweet jars can all make ideal cages for a preying mantis.

As adults, the same general rules apply, though of course the cage needs to be proportionately larger so small fish tanks of 30-45cm long (with a reasonable height) work best and some specialist reptile suppliers offer aquariums with ventilation and neat glass lids for tarantulas which are perfect.

In warmer months, some people opt to use netting cages designed for butterfly breeders and these too work well. The netting means that the mantis has something firm to hold onto and these cages are typically generously proportioned. Due to the amount of air movement though these are typically only suitable in warmer months as they are difficult to keep warm in winter.


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