March 2016 Reptile News

If you’re new to Keeping Exotic Pets then you may not know that I share exciting reptile news and new blog posts on both Twitter and Pinterest each month. It’s always interesting to see how some articles truly take off – getting loads of clicks and retweets – while others barely see the light of day.

Some months ago when I resurrected this blog after too long away I decided it would be fun to publish a list of the “top articles” from the previous month. That way, I’m creating a permanent list of some of the best reptile and exotic pet articles out there.

In addition, for any readers that don’t follow me on social media but would still like to know what’s been happening in the reptile world these “news” posts represent a detailed list of the most popular reptile stories.

A Personal Note

I’ve been keeping reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates since I was at school. That equates to 25 years or so. That’s a long old time! At present my busy work schedule means that I can’t keep as many species as I would like to – but I still maintain a small collection of “select species”.

This month I am pleased to admit that I weakened while at one of my favorite reptile shops, and came home with two new Green Bottle Blue tarantulas. Even better – they’re a sexed pair – though they’re still small juveniles.

As a result in the next 18 months or so I hope to get to breed what is one of my all-time favorite tarantula species. Wish me luck!

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Reading List

I have been through my Twitter analytics to assess which articles got the most interest from my followers. Below, in order to popularity, are the top five articles I shared in March. If you’re looking for top quality reptile advice then you could do a lot worse than clicking through to take a look at the content presented below…

1) The World’s Longest Snakes

2) Most Docile Pet Snake Species

3) 99m-Year-Old Lizard Trapped in Amber Gives Clue to ‘Lost Ecosystem’ 

4) The Most Colorful Pet Lizards

5) What Are The Best Pet Tarantulas for Beginners?

How did your month go? Any new species added to your collection or successful breedings? Why not leave your latest update in the comments section below…?


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