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Hi and welcome. 

My name is Richard. 

I’m a UK-based exotic pet fanatic, currently based in the Midlands. 

Childhood asthma prevented me from keeping many “standard” pets like rodents. Thankfully my parents allowed me to start keeping exotics instead back in the 1990’s. In the early days I tried my hand at keeping everything from green anoles, to California king snakes, and of course a range of different tarantulas. Over time the collection grew and grew as I tried my hand at caring for various reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. 

As university, my animal keeping evolved, as I started to breed tarantulas on a small scale, and even tried my hand at importing invertebrates. I became a committee member of the BTS for a short period of time, before limited student funds meant attending committee meetings became too expensive for me. 

Sadly, everything started to change when I got my first “real” job. A lack of time, and living in rented properties, meant that many of my animals were sold off. Landlords can be annoyingly negative about tenants keeping snakes or tarantulas in their properties. Instead, exotic pets became a passion I enjoyed through other people – mainly reading magazines, social media and enviously window shopping in reptile shops. 

Then in 2010 everything started to change. I couldn’t deny my passion any more. I began this website to document my experiences – as much for my own records as for anyone else. Many of the earliest articles were simply records of how long it took eggs to hatch or experiments in rearing praying mantis. These days, however, almost 1,000 people a day arrive here to read about keeping exotic pets. I’m thankful to every one of you. 

Alongside the development of this site I also restarted my collection in earnest. Now as a homeowner I’m now free to have (almost) anything I want. I now have my own “animal room” which is heated to a comfortable temperature year-round. Inside I keep and breed a growing collection of exotics. While the residents change and are added to regularly, at the time of writing my collection includes:

  • Ball pythons
  • Milk snakes
  • Giant day geckos
  • Praying mantis
  • So many tarantulas I’ve given up counting

With over 20 years of experience keeping and breeding snakes, lizards, tarantulas and more I hope you find my articles of use. 

If you’d like to connect then you can always contact me here, though please be aware that I don’t have too much time available to respond to individual pet care questions so it may take a while to receive a reply. 

Alternatively you can find me on social media:

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Thanks for visiting, and please consider adding me to your bookmarks so you can come back in the future. I regularly add new articles so a return visit is well worth it!

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