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Are you an experienced keeper of reptile, amphibians or invertebrates? Do you breed exotic pets or specialize in a specific species? Do you sell herps or reptile-keeping equipment? If so, we want to speak to you!

We’re looking to create a series of “interview-type” posts that manage to combine inspiration with quality, actionable steps to help anyone keep exotic pets in a safe, ethical and successful manner.

So if you’d like to generate more traffic and sales to your own website and/or you’d like to “share the love” by helping other people to care for their exotic pets then we’d love to talk to you.

We’re all busy so we won’t ask you to get on the phone or chat over Skype – instead we’ll simply send you a simple set of questions to answer at your leisure and email back to us here when you have time.

In exchange we’ll publish your interview here as well as sending it to our email subscribers and social media followers. In doing so, we’ll send new traffic to your site as well as providing you with a permanent do-follow link here on our PR3 blog which can go a long way to helping boost your search engine results.

Ready? Great, then please contact us with your details so we can fire you off the interview questions.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Nora Arias Loftis via Compfight

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