What Do Bearded Dragons Eat?

Bearded dragon diets - what insects will they eat and how often?

The correct bearded dragon diet is essential if your lizard is stay fit and healthy in captivity. In the absence of proper nutrition bearded dragons can suffer from a range of problems, including obesity and metabolic bone disease (MBD) whereby they are unable to absorb suitable calcium from their diet. This can lead to weaker …

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Best Bearded Dragon Substrates

Much disagreement persists over which substrate is best for bearded dragon cages. In this guide, therefore, we’re going to take a closer look at a range of floor coverings, to help you decide what’s best for your own bearded dragon… The Purpose of Bearded Dragon Substrates Before we take a more detailed look at the …

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Best Bearded Dragon Cages

Bearded dragons are rightly one of the most popular pet reptiles of all, and certainly the most commonly-kept lizard species. However keeping a bearded dragon is far more complex than many other pets. One of the most critical factors of all is their housing, which must be set up correctly if your beardie is to …

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