Ybyrapora diversipes (Amazon Sapphire Pink Toe) Tarantula Care Sheet

Y diversipes

Ybyrapora diversipes must be one of the most colorful tarantulas currently available in the hobby. From the metallic green/blue base color to the red/pink stripe on the abdomen this is really a spider for people (like me) who appreciate really vibrant tarantulas. It’s little wonder their common name is the “Amazon Sapphire”. Understandably such a …

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Hapalopus sp. Colombia Large (Pumpkin Patch Tarantula) Care Sheet

H Colombia Large Juvenile

Hapalopus sp. Colombia Large is a small ground-dwelling tarantula with unusual orange markings on the abdomen. These markings have led to the surprising common name of “Pumpkin Patch”.  Hapalopus sp. Colombia Large has yet to be properly scientifically described, hence the rather unwieldy “scientific” name it is normally given. Hapalopus means “soft foot”. The Colombia …

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Do Tarantulas Need Heat?

Tarantulas are cold-blooded creatures that are unable to produce their own body heat. Instead, they absorb this warmth from the environment around them. For this reason, most tarantulas are found in warmer parts of the world.  This warmth is important for a variety of biological processes, and a tarantula that is kept too cold for …

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Why Do Dubia Roaches Turn White?

Dubia roach

If you’ve ever kept a colony of dubia roaches then you may have noticed the odd specimen that seems to change color overnight. So why do dubia roaches turn white like this? White dubia roaches have just moulted their exoskeleton. They do this in order to grow. The old skin splits open, and out pops …

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Do Tarantulas Make Webs?

Tarantulas have two pairs of spinnerets that are used to produce silk. This silk can be used for a variety of purposes. Tarantulas can and do use silk to make webs, however these look very different to the traditional spiders webs seen in your home or garden.  Do All Tarantulas Make Webs? While all tarantulas …

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Dubia Roaches Care

Dubia roaches have become arguably the most popular feeder insect for keepers of exotic pets over the years. Part of this appeal is simply how easy they are to care for when you’ve covered just a few basic points.  In this article we’ll be looking at dubia roach care, based on my experience over the …

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