Musk Turtle Food

To keep your musk turtle in the best of health it’s crucial that you offer them the right food. While musk turtles may eat the odd piece of pond weed in the wild, their diet is almost exclusively made up of meat. In captivity, this carnivorous diet can be supplemented with a number of specially-made …

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Best Crested Gecko Heaters

Crested geckos are cold-blooded animals, which means that can’t create their own body heat – instead they need to absorb it from their environment. If your crested gecko is to live a long and healthy life, therefore, you may well need to provide artificial heating so their cage reaches the optimal temperature. But what are …

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Best Small Pet Lizards

What is the best temperature for leopard geckos?

Pet lizards come in a huge range of sizes, from tiny leaf chameleons little bigger than your fingernail, through to giants such as monitor lizards and green iguanas. For many of us, having limited space at home, small pet lizards are the easiest to accommodate. What’s more, many of the best small pet lizards are …

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Corn Snake Size: How Big do Corn Snakes Get?

How big do corn snakes grow?

One of the reasons why corn snakes are such popular pet snakes is down to their size. They’re large enough to be safely handled without the risk of hurting them, but small enough to be easily accommodated in the home. Hatchling corn snakes can be very small indeed, measuring in at less than 30cm in …

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Blue Tongue Skink Diet

One of the most appealing things about keeping blue tongue skinks is their diet. Unlike many other popular pet reptiles, blue tongue skinks will eat a huge range of different food stuffs. The varied diet of blue tongue skinks can have a number of benefits. Firstly, it can make feeding your blue tongue skink rather …

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Blue Eyed Lucy Ball Pythons: Complete Care Guide

Stunning Blue Eyed Lucy ball python morph.

Blue Eyed Lucy ball pythons are one of the most stunning of all the morphs in my opinion. Not surprisingly, they also tend to be some of the more expensive specimens currently available to hobbyists and breeders. The name “Blue Eyed Lucy” is quite a mouthful, so they’re sometimes simply known as “BEL pythons” or …

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Giant Day Gecko Care Sheet (Phelsuma grandis)

The Giant Day Gecko has been on my “bucket list” of reptiles since I was a small boy. So imagine my excitement when I had the opportunity to buy an adult breeding pair of these beauties some months ago! How could I possibly say no? Since purchasing my giant day geckos I’ve done a ridiculous …

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Corn Snake Temperature: How Warm Should My Corn Snake Cage Be?

Corn snake temperature

Providing the right temperature for your pet corn snake is of vital importance. Fortunately, this is easy to achieve thanks to the range of equipment now available. In this article we’ll discuss the perfect temperature for your corn snake, and how to achieve this easily and cheaply.   Does a Corn Snake Need Heating? Corn snakes …

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Feeding Ball Pythons

When I first started to keep reptiles in the 1990’s ball pythons were still seen as something very unusual and exotic. Any mention of a “python” drew awe from other people, and with their stout, chunky bodies they really were something totally different to the corn snakes and garter snakes that were prevalent at that …

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Keeping Milk Snakes (Care Sheet)

My obsession with keeping exotic pets began at a very young age. By the time I was twelve I had already kept a range of different tarantulas, stick insects and praying mantis. I’d also begun to branch out into reptiles, where I started by keeping green anoles. However it wasn’t until the age of 16 …

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The Beginners Guide to Keeping Terrapins at Home

In the past terrapins have been unfortunate enough to earn a rather bad reputation. When the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles entered public awareness in the 1990’s thousands of school children decided that they wanted to keep their very own Leonardo or Donatello. Sadly, the solution offered up by pet shops was far from ideal. The …

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