The 5 Best Small Pet Snakes (for Beginners)

These days there are masses of different species of snake currently available in the pet trade. This raises an interesting problem: what are really the best small pet snakes which are suitable for beginners and require minimal space in captivity? As it turns out, while some snake species are difficult to look after thanks to …

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Pet Garter Snakes: An Introduction to Their Care

Pet garter snake

Pet garter snakes are some of the most rewarding reptiles to keep in captivity. Unlike so many other snake species they may be kept safely in groups, they thrive in beautiful naturalistic vivariums, they grow only to a very modest size and the snakes themselves are absolutely stunning in appearance.  In this introductory care sheet …

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Kingsnake Care Sheet

KIngsnake care sheet

King snakes are a large family of non-venomous snakes, many of which can make ideal pets. Generally speaking king snakes are very hardy in captivity, grow to a very modest size, and many will become docile enough to handle with ease.  Like any pet reptile, however, keeping your king snake successfully is rather more involved …

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Are Corn Snakes Poisonous?

Are corn snakes poisonous?

Corn snakes are widely distributed across much of North America, most commonly seen in more rural areas. Indeed, it is believed the name “corn snake” comes from the fact that historically they are most commonly found around agricultural fields and barns piled high with winter livestock fodder. As a result, it’s not uncommon to come …

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Ball Python Handling Tips & Advice

Ball python handling

Ball pythons are well-known for their relaxed, docile attitudes. This makes them an ideal pet snake for anyone who wants to be able to handle their pet. It can also make routine tank maintenance and health checks much simpler when compared to faster or more aggressive species.  Before you reach into the cage and start …

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Ball Python Heaters & Heating

Coming from sub-Saharan Africa, ball pythons need to be kept warm in captivity. Their cage should offer a range of temperatures, with one end being cooler than the other. This gradient then allows your snake to move about and find the area that best suits them. This generally means heating one end of the cage, …

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Best Ball Python Cages & Enclosures – Types & Setup

Much has been written in the past about ball python cages, and each keeper will have their own preferences. The intention of this article is to provide a balanced guide to choosing and setting up your ball python cage, in order to keep your pet snake happy and healthy throughout its life. If there’s one …

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Best Ball Python Substrate & Bedding Options

Selecting the best bedding for ball pythons is far from easy, due to the wide range of different products available, and differing opinions on many internet forums. The purpose of this article is to discuss my own experiences with a range of different substrates, discussing the positives and the negatives of each. Hopefully, by the end, …

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Bullsnake Care Sheet

Make no mistake – bullsnakes are impressive reptiles. Large in size, bulky, beautifully patterned and with a variety of strategies to ward off potential predators these snakes can put on a real show when they feel threatened. Indeed, my first ever experience of this species was a large adult specimen, in a pet shop where …

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Rainbow Boa Care Sheet

My first proper introduction to rainbow boas was as a teenager, when I started to date a girl who kept one as a pet. I was immediately taken with the incredible iridescence shown under natural sunlight (or the right artificial lighting). It is this ever-changing color that has resulted in their common name of “rainbow …

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Corn Snake Size: How Big do Corn Snakes Get?

How big do corn snakes grow?

One of the reasons why corn snakes are such popular pet snakes is down to their size. They’re large enough to be safely handled without the risk of hurting them, but small enough to be easily accommodated in the home. Hatchling corn snakes can be very small indeed, measuring in at less than 30cm in …

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Blue Eyed Lucy Ball Pythons: Complete Care Guide

Stunning Blue Eyed Lucy ball python morph.

Blue Eyed Lucy ball pythons are one of the most stunning of all the morphs in my opinion. Not surprisingly, they also tend to be some of the more expensive specimens currently available to hobbyists and breeders. The name “Blue Eyed Lucy” is quite a mouthful, so they’re sometimes simply known as “BEL pythons” or …

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