Setting Up Your First Vivarium For A Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are extremely fascinating and remarkable pets that never fail to amaze. Like any animal, they require love, care and specific living arrangements to keep them happy and healthy. Reptile vivariums at Pets at Home should be your first essential purchase. A vivarium for a dragon should be a miniature eco system that will allow your pet to live in an environment that is as close to his natural habitat as possible.

A suitable vivarium should be large enough to allow your reptile to roam about and remain active when he wants to. Bearded dragons tend to grow up to between 38cm to 60 cm – the equivalent of 15 to 24 inches – so a vivarium of around 120cm in length, 60cm wide and 60cm tall (72 x 24 x 24 inches) is deemed appropriate.

Bearded dragons enjoy a combination of light and shade at various points during the day, therefore you should make sure the vivarium isn’t placed in an area that is in light for 24 hours or prone to loud noises – these will cause your pet stress. In addition, you must ensure that the vivarium is never in direct sunlight, especially in summer, as this will heat up the environment of the vivarium and will make it difficult to control the temperature inside the mini home.

When the tank has been purchased and placed in its position, you will need to keep an eye on the heat, light and moisture levels within the tank. A cocktail of lighting, heat mats, thermostats and specialist equipment must be purchased to achieve the desired effect. Failure to utilise suitable temperatures or UV lights can result in your beloved pet having serious health implications.

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Finally, the base of a vivarium should be covered with a suitable substrate – the material of which will depend on the reptile you have. This will need clearing of any soiling on a daily basis. As a final touch, add plants and other décor to make the vivarium feel even more comfortable and homely for your bearded dragon.

Richard Adams