Keeping Japanese Fire Bellied Newts

Fire bellied newts are one of the very best “starter” amphibians to keep as pets. Just a few of their strengths is that they look fantastic with their bright red/orange bellies, they’re super-easy to care for and don’t require any heating of any form. Indeed, in many ways Japanese fire bellied newts can be kept …

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Pixie Frog Care Sheet

Pixie frog care sheet and captive husbandry tips.

Pixie frogs are huge, impressive amphibians that can make fascinating pets if you have suitable space in your home. Larger males can grow to an astonishing 9 inches (23 cm) in length, while females are rather more petite, reaching just 5 ½ inches (14 cm) at a maximum.   Due to their large size, and long …

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