Why Do Dubia Roaches Turn White?

Dubia roach

If you’ve ever kept a colony of dubia roaches then you may have noticed the odd specimen that seems to change color overnight. So why do dubia roaches turn white like this? White dubia roaches have just moulted their exoskeleton. They do this in order to grow. The old skin splits open, and out pops …

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How Many Dubia Roaches to Start a Colony?

Dubia colony

Dubia roaches have become one of the most popular feeder insects for carnivorous exotic pets. Not only are they easy to keep alive – meaning better value for money when buying from a pet store – but they’re also quite easy to breed in the home.  That said, there are a few important points you …

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Dubia Roaches Care

Dubia roaches have become arguably the most popular feeder insect for keepers of exotic pets over the years. Part of this appeal is simply how easy they are to care for when you’ve covered just a few basic points.  In this article we’ll be looking at dubia roach care, based on my experience over the …

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When Do Dubia Roaches Breed?

WHen do dubia roaches breed?

Most of us keeping dubia roaches are doing so as a free source of food for our pets. Dubia roaches are capable of producing hundreds of babies when kept correctly, leading to a never-ending supply of food. This leads to the obvious question: when do dubia roaches breed? Roach Age It goes without saying that …

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What Do Dubia Roaches Eat?

There’s a reason why dubia roaches are so easy to keep in captivity; they are capable of eating almost anything – even cardboard.  Naturally omnivorous, a good plan of action is to find one or two “base” foods to provide at all times, supplemented with a wide range of fruits and vegetables. By offering a …

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