Do Tarantulas Need A Heat Lamp?

Do Tarantulas Need a Heat Lamp?

Tarantulas are cold-blooded – meaning that they are unable to generate their own heat. Instead, they absorb warmth from their environment.  At the same time we know that most tarantulas come from the warmer parts of the world, so it is natural to ask whether tarantulas need a heat lamp to remain healthy.   The answer …

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The Best Tarantula Heaters

Tarantulas are cold-blooded invertebrates that hail from the warmer parts of the world. For most of us, therefore, some form of artificial heating will be required to keep your spider in good health. While it always pays to seek out specific information on the type of tarantula you plan to keep, as a rough guide …

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Best Crested Gecko Heaters

Crested geckos are cold-blooded animals, which means that can’t create their own body heat – instead they need to absorb it from their environment. If your crested gecko is to live a long and healthy life, therefore, you may well need to provide artificial heating so their cage reaches the optimal temperature. But what are …

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Corn Snake Temperature: How Warm Should My Corn Snake Cage Be?

Corn snake temperature

Providing the right temperature for your pet corn snake is of vital importance. Fortunately, this is easy to achieve thanks to the range of equipment now available. In this article we’ll discuss the perfect temperature for your corn snake, and how to achieve this easily and cheaply.   Does a Corn Snake Need Heating? Corn snakes …

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Leopard Gecko Temperature: How Warm Should My Vivarium Be?

What is the best temperature for leopard geckos?

Like other reptiles, leopard geckos are cold-blooded. Instead of producing their own heat like mammals, they instead regulate their temperature by moving around their environment. Leopard geckos may bask in the morning sun to warm up or shelter beneath a rock ledge to keep cool in the hottest part of the day.  Providing a suitable …

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How to Heat Praying Mantis Cages

Coming from the warmer areas of the world, most praying mantis require a warm cage in order to flourish. In this guide we’ll look at suitable temperatures for praying mantis in captivity, and how to provide this warmth safely and cheaply. By the end you should know all you need to in order to keep …

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Crested Gecko Temperature: How Warm Should My Cage Be?

What is the ideal temperature for crested geckos?

As cold blooded reptiles, it’s essential that you keep your Crested Gecko at the right temperature. The perfect temperature for a Crested Gecko is between 78’F and 82’F. For UK readers this is between 25’C and 28’C.  The above figures, however, somewhat over-simplify the situation. You see, reptiles have evolved to move around their environment, …

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Best Turtle Water Heaters: What You Need to Know

If you’re looking for a water heater for your turtle or terrapin then you’ll no doubt have discovered just how difficult it is to choose the right model. There are just so many different aquarium heaters that it can be difficult to know where to start your search. Sadly, some of the models sold specifically …

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6 Ways to Warm Up Your Vivarium in Winter

As winter approaches, and the temperature drops, its not uncommon for that formerly toasty reptile cage to start developing quite a chill. The heater that has done its job perfectly for months on end finally starts to struggle to deal with the cold. All too soon, if you’re not careful, the cage temperature drops dangerously …

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How To Heat A Large Number Of Small Vivariums

Heating a single vivarium such as for a corn snake or an iguana isn’t difficult and there are lots of effective and reasonably-priced solutions out there from heat mats to ceramic bulbs. But what if you have a large number of small vivariums or exotic pet cages? Examples of these might be people keeping a …

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