Hissing Cockroach Setups

Hissing cockroach setups

Hissing cockroaches are surprisingly easy to keep once you provide a suitable setup. Luckily, an effective giant hissing cockroach setup is cost-effective and simple to create, allowing your roaches to live a long and healthy life. In this article I’ll discuss my own experiences of housing hissing roaches at home, and lay out my own …

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What Do Hissing Cockroaches Eat?

Hissing cockroach food

Hissing cockroaches are capable of thriving on a wide variety of different foods. What you choose to feed your Madagascan giant hissing cockroaches will depend on your personal tastes and what you happen to have freely available at home.  In this guide we’ll look at what hissing cockroaches eat so you can make some informed …

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Hissing Cockroach Care

Hissing cockroach care is surprisingly simple, as these fascinating armoured roaches tend to be incredibly hardy in captivity. With just a few simple steps you’ll be well on your way to keeping Madagascan giant hissing cockroaches successfully. In this guide we’ll cover all you need to know, based on my years of caring for and …

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