Do Male Tarantulas Die After Mating?

Do male tarantulas die early?

Male and female tarantulas live very different lives after maturity. Depending on the species, female tarantulas can live for decades, hidden away in burrows or tree crevices. For male tarantulas, however, the clock starts ticking as soon as they reach maturity. Male tarantulas roam far and wide in search of receptive females. But what happens …

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How To Sex Adult Male Tarantulas

For those in the know, tarantulas can be sexed from their skins from quite an early age. The moulted skin is turned inside out and the reproductive linings which are shed as part of the moult are examined under a microscope. With practise one can sex tarantulas from when they are only a few centimetres …

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How To Sex Immature Leaf Insects

When leaf insects are adults they’re very easy indeed to sex. The males are small and thin with long antennae and wings that enable them to fly well. The females, in contrast, are far larger and more rounded with only small wings and are unable to fly any distance. However sexing younger insects can be …

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