Why Do Mantis Eat Their Mates?

Why do female praying mantids often eat the males?

Praying mantis for famous for getting eaten while reproducing – but why do mantis eat their mates? The Surprising Benefits of Getting Eaten When viewed through the lense of humans, getting eaten by your mate seems like a pretty barbaric practise. I mean, imagine how you’d feel if your mom ate your dad!  For insects, …

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Breeding Praying Mantis

Breeding praying mantis is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable parts of keeping these amazing insects – yet it can also be one of the single most stressful experiences of your life! As you will no doubt be aware, female praying mantids have a nasty habit of eating the male either before, during or …

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Praying Mantis: How To Feed

Praying mantis are carnivorous insects that need a diet of live animals of a suitable size. Whilst praying mantis have been observed in the past catching and eating small birds, lizards and mammals almost their entire diet is typically made up of life insects so when it comes to praying mantis and how to feed …

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