Do Praying Mantis Shed Their Skin?

Praying mantis regularly shed their skin. A baby praying mantis will through a number of moults, getting larger at each shed, until it reaches adult size. Adult praying mantis do not shed their skins after reaching maturity.  When praying mantis are kept as pets it is crucial to support this delicate process. Praying mantis must …

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Why Do Dubia Roaches Turn White?

Dubia roach

If you’ve ever kept a colony of dubia roaches then you may have noticed the odd specimen that seems to change color overnight. So why do dubia roaches turn white like this? White dubia roaches have just moulted their exoskeleton. They do this in order to grow. The old skin splits open, and out pops …

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Why Do Tarantulas Molt?

Molting is important to tarantulas for a variety of reasons. Possibly the biggest reason why tarantulas molt is to allow them to grow larger. However molting also offers an opportunity to regrow missing body parts, including urticating hairs that have been kicked off in the past. Lastly, molting is necessary for male tarantulas to reach …

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