Martinique Pink Toe (Caribena versicolor) Tarantula Care Sheet

This is Aviculuria versicolor, the Antilles Pink Toe tarantula. Full care sheet is provided for this species.

Originally described in 1837, Caribena versicolor is the thing of legends; it’s not uncommon for new tarantula enthusiasts to quickly add it to their “bucket list” of species they want to keep – and for good reason. There can be few who would deny that Caribena versicolor is truly one of the most beautiful tarantulas known to science. …

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Fast Growing Tarantula Species

With over 800 species of tarantula recognized from around the world there is an astonishing range of differences between them. From the tiny dwarf tarantulas to the huge Goliath birdeaters of South America, from dull brown tarantulas to brightly-colored species covered in blue, green and red hairs. And the same can be said for how …

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