Do Praying Mantis Have Venom?

It is well-known that many carnivorous animals have venom. Spiders and scorpions would be two great examples. So do praying mantis have venom too? No, praying mantis do not have venom. They do not kill their prey before eating it. Instead their prey dies only when the mantis has consumed so much that it can …

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Why Are Praying Mantis Different Colors?

Praying mantis come in a surprising range of different colors. Even within a single species you may find different colors in a single population.  The most common colors are green or brown, sometimes with pale straw-like specimens being seen.  So the obvious question is why are praying mantis different colors? The short answer is due …

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Are Praying Mantises Good Pets?

Do praying mantis make good pets?

There’s no denying that praying mantis are fascinating animals, but do they make good pets?  The answer is really that it depends on what you want from a pet. In this article we’ll look at both the good things about keeping praying mantis as pets, as well as the downsides you should consider before getting …

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Is It Safe to Hold a Praying Mantis?

Wondering if it's safe to hold a praying mantis?

If you’ve been lucky enough to watch a praying mantis going about it’s day then an obvious question is: “is it safe to hold a praying mantis?”. In this article we’re going to answer that exact question, and go into some specific do’s and don’ts.  Before we get into the nitty gritty details the quick …

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Ghost Mantis (Phyllocrania paradoxa) Care Sheet

The Ghost Mantis (Phyllocrania paradoxa) is a stunning species, broadly distributed across Africa and Madagascar. The name itself means “leaf head”, and it’s hardly difficult to see why. These cryptic praying mantids do an amazing job of avoiding predators by resembling plants. Not only is there an unusual leaf-like projection on the top of the …

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How to Heat Praying Mantis Cages

Coming from the warmer areas of the world, most praying mantis require a warm cage in order to flourish. In this guide we’ll look at suitable temperatures for praying mantis in captivity, and how to provide this warmth safely and cheaply. By the end you should know all you need to in order to keep …

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Why Do Mantis Eat Their Mates?

Why do female praying mantids often eat the males?

Praying mantis for famous for getting eaten while reproducing – but why do mantis eat their mates? The Surprising Benefits of Getting Eaten When viewed through the lense of humans, getting eaten by your mate seems like a pretty barbaric practise. I mean, imagine how you’d feel if your mom ate your dad!  For insects, …

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