Psalmopoeus victori / Darth Maul Tarantula Care Sheet

Psalmopoeus victori

Psalmopoeus victori is a New World arboreal (tree-dwelling) tarantula.  Hailing originally from Mexico, this species is known under two different common names; the Darth Maul tarantula or the Mexican Half-and-Half. Both these names do a good job of describing the appearance of this species.  The Darth Maul name springs from the fact that this is …

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Psalmopoeus pulcher (Panama Blonde) Tarantula Care Sheet

Psalmopoeus pulcher

Psalmopoeus pulcher, often known by its common name of the Panama Blonde, is an arboreal tarantula from Central America.  Growing to around 5-6” in overall legspan as an adult, this is an elegant and beautiful tarantula – at least if spiders are your thing!  As the common name would suggest Psalmopoeus pulcher is clothed in …

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Venezuelan Sun Tiger (Psalmopoeus irminia) Care Sheet

The Venezuelan Sun Tiger, Latin name Psalmopoeus irminia, is a truly stunning spider. A mid-sized species, typically reaching around 5-6″ in legspan, it has bright red “tiger” stripes across the abdomen and also the tips of the legs, all contrasted against a glossy black background. Little wonder, then, that these tarantulas have become so popular …

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Trinidad Chevron (Psalmopoeus cambridgei) Care Sheet

Possessing a subtle beauty, the Trinidad Chevron (Latin name Psalmopoeus cambridgei) is one of the “original” pet tarantulas, having been kept and bred for decades. Unlike many other tarantula species that we’ve covered recently this is an arboreal (tree-dwelling) spider, being mainly olive green in color with bright orange markings on the legs. Originally described …

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