Kingsnake Care Sheet

KIngsnake care sheet

King snakes are a large family of non-venomous snakes, many of which can make ideal pets. Generally speaking king snakes are very hardy in captivity, grow to a very modest size, and many will become docile enough to handle with ease.  Like any pet reptile, however, keeping your king snake successfully is rather more involved …

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Bullsnake Care Sheet

Make no mistake – bullsnakes are impressive reptiles. Large in size, bulky, beautifully patterned and with a variety of strategies to ward off potential predators these snakes can put on a real show when they feel threatened. Indeed, my first ever experience of this species was a large adult specimen, in a pet shop where …

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Rainbow Boa Care Sheet

My first proper introduction to rainbow boas was as a teenager, when I started to date a girl who kept one as a pet. I was immediately taken with the incredible iridescence shown under natural sunlight (or the right artificial lighting). It is this ever-changing color that has resulted in their common name of “rainbow …

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Feeding Ball Pythons

When I first started to keep reptiles in the 1990’s ball pythons were still seen as something very unusual and exotic. Any mention of a “python” drew awe from other people, and with their stout, chunky bodies they really were something totally different to the corn snakes and garter snakes that were prevalent at that …

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Keeping Milk Snakes (Care Sheet)

My obsession with keeping exotic pets began at a very young age. By the time I was twelve I had already kept a range of different tarantulas, stick insects and praying mantis. I’d also begun to branch out into reptiles, where I started by keeping green anoles. However it wasn’t until the age of 16 …

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Do Snakes Like Being Pets?

Do snakes like being pets?

One of the things that many people find scary about snakes is that they seem to show very little emotion. They wonder how you tell whether a pet snake is happy or depressed, friendly or aggressive. A common question is therefore: “do snakes like being pets?”  The short answer is “no” – snakes do not …

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