Do Male Tarantulas Die After Mating?

Do male tarantulas die early?

Male and female tarantulas live very different lives after maturity. Depending on the species, female tarantulas can live for decades, hidden away in burrows or tree crevices. For male tarantulas, however, the clock starts ticking as soon as they reach maturity. Male tarantulas roam far and wide in search of receptive females. But what happens …

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Columbian Giant (Megaphobema robustum) Tarantula Care Sheet

The Columbian Giant, also known as the Columbian Giant Redleg, is a tremendously attractive spider. The most eye-catching specimens have a black carapace with bright orange/red hairs on the abdomen and legs. This contrast really makes them an appealing pet spider. Despite their name, however, I have found that they’re often not really “giants”. Certainly …

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Can a Tarantula Kill You?

Can a tarantula kill you?

Many of us have an innate fear of tarantulas, seeing them as scary, dangerous or even deadly. But how much truth is there behind the myth? Is a tarantula dangerous to humans? Can a tarantula kill you? Or is the reality really rather different? Let’s find out… Tarantula Defences Tarantulas might look scary to many …

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Can Tarantulas Recognize Their Owners?

Can tarantulas recognise their owners?

Many common pets like cats and dogs learn to recognize their owners. They respond differently to the person they associate with the provision of food, water and shelter to other unknown people. An obvious question asked by those new to tarantula keeping is therefore “can tarantulas recognize their owners?” Tarantulas are very simple animals and …

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Types Of Tarantula

There are over 600 recognised species of tarantula though typically only a tiny percentage of these are seen regularly in the pet trade. This huge reservoir of tarantulas can be divided up in a wide variety of different ways based on habitat, size, colouration and more so an article discussing the different types of tarantula …

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How To Sex Adult Male Tarantulas

For those in the know, tarantulas can be sexed from their skins from quite an early age. The moulted skin is turned inside out and the reproductive linings which are shed as part of the moult are examined under a microscope. With practise one can sex tarantulas from when they are only a few centimetres …

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A Beginners Guide To Keeping Tarantulas

Whilst there are some rather expensive and specialist species available, the average tarantula is reasonably easy to care for once you understand a few basic concepts. Selecting A Species With around 800 species of tarantulas currently recognised there is a huge variety of species available in the pet trade. Luckily the average exotic pet shop …

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How To Control The Growth Rates Of Tarantulas

While some species of tarantula grow far faster than others it is possible within reason to control just how quickly individual tarantulas grow in captivity. There are a number of reasons why it can be helpful to understand the concepts of making your tarantulas grow faster or slower. The first of these is that buying …

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How To Care For Terrestrial Tarantula Spiderlings

As with so many exotic pets, young tarantulas tend to be more difficult to care for than adults. They tend to be more sensitive to the wrong conditions, require considerably smaller food items which can be difficult to handle and moult more regularly (with each one of these moults being a potential risk to the …

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